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Wings Flight Training exists to provide exceptionally stable, high quality, personalized, and professional flight training at a wide variety of levels, while utilizing aviation to improve the lives of individuals in the communities in which we live and work.

We provide exceptional flight training give back to our community primarily by:

Hiring exceptional flight instructors who are rooted where we operate, and who value and practice personal, flexible, intuitive, and productive interaction with each student.

Providing high quality, well maintained, carefully monitored equipment to ensure, as far as possible, the safety and effectiveness of each flight and training session.

Making use of high quality training material, while regularly evaluating and improving it.

Locating a given number of promising, young community members in difficult situations and offering them flight training scholarships.

Wings Flight Training aspires to offer the highest quality, most effective flight training at every location in which we operate in a way that is openly consistent with our values. We aim at producing the sagest, most competent pilots in the aviation work force, on the mission field, and in the recreational arena. Finally, Wings Flight Training strives to competently and responsibly offer our services and promote flying in a wide variety of locations across the country.